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Yoga Bra
Yoga Bra
Yoga Bra
ChartieBeauty Bio cellulose mask eye patch sheet mask well stick on skin
China Manufacturers Supply Bio-Cellulose Mask Sheet Coconut Jelly Mask at good price
Bio-Cellulose mask have many advantage on skin care area. 1) Eco-friendly facial mask which comes from nature coconut fermention. 2) Finer and much stronger : Only 1/500 of the plant pulp but much stronger 3) Great absorption : About 10 times than pulp sheet type. - Fresh not sticky due to high absorption sloughing 4) Whitening function in itself 5) Powerful face contact(Adhesion feeling) : Great adhesion not sticky 6) Excellent cooling feel on skin will clam down skin.
Factory OEM private label SPF30 & SPF50 sunscreen stick for own brand
manufacture high spf 50 sunscreen stick for skin care
Color white Feature sun block Type cream Ingredients herbal Used parts body face Function UV cut white and moisturizing sunscreen stick MOQ 5000 piece OEM Accept

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